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Signal is a revolutionary new way to explore the world’s media. We analyse over 3 million news sources daily to power a media monitoring platform that gives you all the information you need – instantly and on demand.




Signal is a global media monitoring platform. Track your brand, competitors, clients and the wider industry. See who is driving the conversation to chart the development of any story in real time.


Signal provides definitive insight into any industry. Get an instant view, track trends or delve into comprehensive analysis with business-critical information at your disposal. Discover data on the companies, people, topics and events that matter.


Signal gives you instant access to the world's content. Forecast, create and curate your content strategy with Signal’s platform. Publish directly to your website, newsletter or CMS - build your own content platform today.

“Signal is a superb and essential business search tool. The morning updates give me deep insights from trusted sources across the web.”


John O’Dwyer, Head of Technology, AIB

“The Signal feed is the heart of where we find everything we need.”


Amedeo d’Amore, Head of Product, Hot Topics


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